How to Start a Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Make Money?

To dispose waste tyres properly, waste tyre pyrolysis plant is available in the market which is the perfect machine for recycling waste tyres. The tyre recycling machinery is used in to the recent pyrolysis technology and it can change waste tyres in to carbon black, tyre oil and steel wire. All these products contain wide applications. The oil can be utilized like industrial fuel products for burning or refined further to gasoline or diesel. The carbon black can be utilized for building bricks with clay or availed like fuel. The steel wire can be reprocessing or re-sale. After many years study and progress, the waste tyre pyrolysis machine is mature and it contains several features. The screw conveyor is totally enclosed at the time of pyrolysis process and contains small feeding inlet, hence the gas will not leak and risk can be prevented.

tyre recycling machinery
Tyre recycling machinery

Three necessary steps:

The raw materials are nourished by screw conveyor, therefore the base will not move. The manufacturer avail renewable heating process that can save fuel as well as strengthen the life period of reactor. The use up gas will be recycled to be availed in the heating procedure, that can save fuel and decrease pollution. In the dedusting process, three particularly made steps are availed to dedust the hot smoke that can ensure the generated smoke is pure. To begin a pyrolysis plant, the basic thing you want to look is capacity. The company have produced the scrap tyre pyrolysis plant in to different models. They can dispose six to fifty ton waste tyres every day.

tyre pyrolysis plant
Tyre pyrolysis plant


You can pick how many tyres you need to work with in one day and then can select the model. You should possess sufficient amount of space for the machine to work. Different models contain different occupied places. Amount is place; working certifications and the atmospheric impact checking report are also necessary conditions to begin the plant. An expert pyrolysis plant manufacturer promises you best quality items and excellent service. Pyrolysis technology is the process of crushing down big molecules of tire, plastic into tiny molecules of gas, oil and carbon black.


Pyrolysis of waste tyre or plastic occurs in absence of gas, at up to 350 to 500 degree Celsius and reaction time is up to fifteen to forty five minutes. There are many benefits one can attain on using pyrolysis plant. You can visit to learn more about the plant. It can produce renewable electricity, low risk of odors, assists to decrease gas making and waste passing to landfill, small carbon foot print, effective and trustable technology, high performance, reduce risk of health effects, decrease tyre land pollution, noise free operation and right remedy for polymer waste administration. Such as olden days you are not permitted legally to simply dump the car tyres. Therefore you want to get a solution on what to perform with the old ones. Hence there is a requirement to take benefit of waste tyre to oil plant. With the development of automobile field, the scope for establishing a new business by investing in pyrolysis plant has become high.